Left On Emerson Photography strives to capture the joyous moments in your life so they can be shared over and over again. We are a husband and wife team, providing engagement and wedding photography. We have recently released our new line of Emerson family, newborn, and children portraits! We serve the LA/OC areas and are open to travel. We would love to hear from you!

KENN - Photographer
I’m a photography enthusiast from Huntington Beach, CA. I started with photography both academically and as a hobby at a young age when I enrolled in photography education for the “gifted and talented.” At thirteen, I couldn’t possibly consider myself talented by any means, but fall and springtime found me in the darkroom of a college photography lab. Those were the days of wet chemicals and black and white film, and studying under the direction of my educators garnered a few ribbons at local orange county art shows.

My transformation to digital came at the peak of my internship with a software company where I got my first exposure to graphics design for their web hosting projects and became the company's photoshop guru. I did that for 4 years and became extremely focused on web design at UCLA, both for professors who wanted to market their research as well as for the College of Letters and Science, Academic Affairs department. Nowadays, I work as a consultant for a global management and technology firm, but hope that creating this space will bring back the creativity and innovation that was once hugely part of my childhood and adolescent development.

LISA - Photographer
My passion for photography stems from my love of capturing life’s beautiful moments and making those celebrations both unique and timeless to the audience.  From a young age, I spent much time studying art, dance, and fashion, and love to document human grace and interactions in my photos.  My work with newborn and children photos have allowed me to illustrate the novelty, innocence, and often comical expressions that only come with the first few years of childhood.  These photos become foundational to the “Emerson” series of family and baby portraits.

In addition, I bring a fresh perspective to Left on Emerson’s artistic style by employing my film-making experiences and transferring that to the photography space.  Back at UCLA, I have worked on a number of documentary projects that focus on the retelling of immigration stories of Asian Americans, and while these portray some of the harsh realities of life and the enduring search for happiness, they allow me to story-tell and capture pictures without the unnecessary embellishments.  I also employ my experiences with film and photo post-production to craft the most simplistic interpretation of life’s events that are honest and true to my subject.

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