Kathy & Larry's Wedding - The Reef, Long Beach

7:48:00 PM

She told us of her thirst for adventures.  Oh the places they’ll go.   Nearly a decade ago, Kathy embarked on a study abroad program in Brighton, a city by the sea in Sussex, England.  And nearly a decade later, as the four of us sat around talking about our wanderlusting, she would vow to go back there one day with her one and only, Larry, to visit this seaside getaway that nestled an hour south of London.  Lisa and I sat and watched the glistening in her eyes as she recounted about what this time had meant to her and what it would mean again to relive it with her Larry.  There was no one else who gets her, and after all they had built their relationship around travel, arts & culture, sports, and of course, social work.  So being able to share with Larry in true-form the lovely Brighton pier on dark rocky sands, the seafront nightlife, and especially the royal pavilion which stood indo-saracenic amidst typical British aesthetics would be a dream come true.

I was there, too I told Kathy, and it’s also where I want to take Lisa one day.  We bonded over that piece of information as though some part of us four had made that transatlantic together and just now hopped off Heathrow.  Oh the places they’ll go, Kathy and Larry.  And this time around, it’s Together, husband and wife.

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