Sabine's Parisian themed Bridal Shower

10:30:00 PM

I flew to Paris with three friends for one weekend in 2004.  At the age of 19, my heart wanted to explore the world, and well, the Eiffel tower stood tall and mighty on that list of iconic monuments to see before I die (or really, before turning 20).  Travel was my teenage dream, and that summer night found me among close friends and cheap wine on the Eiffel lawn to cheer to youth, friendship, and the beginning of my wanderlust.

An invitation to shoot Sabine's Bridal Shower by her Aunt Marine brings me back and made me relive that short fleeting weekend almost a decade ago.  Love was in the air as I watched Sabine and Viken and their longing to be wed to one another.  No couple I knew had known each other better and longer (21 years to be exact).  And on this summer day of 2013, I wish you both happiness, laughter and a lifetime of young love no matter how old you become.  I was reminded of my teenage dream, but you both represented childhood sweethearts that forged forever bonds.

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  1. Seems to be quite interesting wine tasting bridal shower. I am also planning to organize a bridal shower for my sister at one of convenient Los Angeles wedding venues next month. Also searching for different qualities of wine for the party.


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