Rose and Peter's Tea Party Engagement, Part 1

5:13:00 PM

Risks come in various shapes and sizes.  It could be a turning over of a new leaf, a bold career change, moving to a new city, or even starting a new relationship.  Sometimes in life they manifest themselves in moments of unmistaken clarity.  Other times, a risk is a decision worth making, without the resolved knowing of where it might lead you.  Some would say, life is not worth living if one doesn't take a risk.

Back in July of 2010, a night of karaoke and ramen among mutual friends sparked a new relationship between Peter and Rose.  Like any new relationship, Peter and Rose felt the sense of risk because both were starting something brand new that they had no idea where it might lead or how it would end up. Once these two knew their relationship was different from all their previous experiences, it was a risk well worth it and the best decisions both have made for their future.  

It has been almost 3 years of dating and like every relationships, it was no walk in the park or tea party.  Because RISK is a difficult thing and LOVE…well, falling in love is a risky thing.  But the riskiest thing of all is trusting your heart, taking that single leap of faith to begin your life with the one person you love and cannot live without.  

“Exactly two years ago at this exact time, in this exact car we both talked about dating one another and that we want to take a risk with each other.  Tonight, I want to take another risk” said Peter as he proposed to Rosemarie to be his wife on a romantic trip to Napa Valley.

For Peter and Rose, this new chapter in their life marks the beginning of a risk both knew they wanted to take together; except this time around, they also know what they want the outcome to be.  They want to have a love for a lifetime and to grow stronger as a couple through all that life throws their way.

Risks come in various shapes and sizes.  For Peter, it’s in a shape of a small box with a light on top.  And inside it, well you guess it, none other than that perfect diamond ring.

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