Graduation Portrait Series - Erica

9:51:00 PM

As we embark on part two of our four-part series, Left on Emerson Photography is proud to feature Erica's story.  As a child, Erica always knew she wanted to help people, she just was not sure in what capacity.  Erica remembered going with her father to rally's, strikes and workers rights demonstration and feeling the pain and anger these workers had from poor work conditions and not being treated with dignity and respect.  She was only 8 years old when she had her exposure to these events with her father, but from that moment on, Erica knew she wanted to help people that needed it the most.  This has set the stage for her entering the MSW program.  

After graduation, Erica plans to get married to the love of her life, A'Ramond Smith.  She is beyond excited for the wedding day which is going to be followed by a Caribbean Cruise for their honeymoon.  After living in complete bliss for a few weeks, and with her MSW degree in tow, she plans to enter the work force, with a focus on social work policy or politics or lobbying. 

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