Graduation Portrait Series - Christine

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Left on Emerson Photography is proud to highlight Christine's story as part one of our four-part series, featuring strong, educated, and successful women in their field of Social Work. We start with the life experiences that has lead Christine Le to her masters in social work program:    

Christine started off in her undergraduate career pursuing a degree in business management. Like most college students, she quickly learned this was not her passion and switched her major to psychology. 

Although her education has given her the base to her practice, Christine's journey to social work had nothing to do with academics. She was a broke college student who needed a job, so she started working as a "personal assistant" for a quadriplegic man who taught her life lessons she will never forget. Around the same time, she also began volunteering at a domestic violence shelter for women and children where she stayed for over 3 years and eventually started coordinating youth events because she just fell in love with the work.

Eventually, Christine left the women's shelter to study abroad in Barbados, where she had the opportunity to work with children with disabilities in the foster care system. Returning home, she had  a range of jobs that involved some type of social work.  Christine worked with at-risk adolescents at the YWCA where she was exposed to gangs, teen pregnancy, juvenile delinquency and extreme poverty.  She worked closed with children who were autistic or had developmental delays, which eventually lead her to working with children and families.

"I decided to apply for my Masters of Social Work when I found myself frustrated with not being able to do enough for the individuals and families I worked with. With my background, the program sounded perfect and so me."

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